James E. Shelton, Director

James E. Shelton is an expert in judgment collection.

A resident and native of Pennsylvania, Mr. Shelton is a graduate of Case Western Reserve University and has extensive experience collecting judgments in all 50 states, particularly Pennsylvania, California, New Jersey, Florida, Ohio, and West Virginia.

Mr. Shelton underwent an apprenticeship with Evanns Collection Law, one of the premier collections law firms in the State of California.

As a small business owner himself, Mr. Shelton realizes that when a business is stiffed out of money, the last thing they want to do is to have to pay more money to collect the money they are owed. When you call Final Verdict Solutions, you will speak with Mr. Shelton or a member of his staff who will actually talk to you about your judgment, your debtor’s assets, and the prospects of collection. He may even offer an entertaining story or two.

Mr. Shelton is a member of the California Association of Judgment Professionals and frequently networks with the top collections attorneys, judgment professionals, and private investigators nationwide.

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