Q: What do I have to pay you in exchange for collecting my judgment?

A: There are NO up-front fees, and we offer a free consultation.We will purchase your judgment outright. We will absorb any unrecoverable expenses.

Q: Do you represent me in Court?

A: No. We are not attorneys and we do not practice law or represent anyone. We purchase your judgment and have it legally "Assigned" into our name. Once this happens, Final Verdict Solutions become the Assignee of Record, and we can enforce the judgment. We do not represent you and we do not practice law.

Q: Why do you have to purchase the Judgment from me?
A: Please understand the importance of purchasing the Judgment!
After you sign the Acknowledgment of Assignment of Judgment, and it is filed with the court, we become the new "Assignee of Record".

Privacy laws give certain rights to Judgment Creditors that allow us to be able to retrieve pertinent information that is not otherwise available to the general public. In other words, we now have a permissible reason for poking into someone else's business. 
This document gives us the legal right to pursue the debtor's assets.

Q: Why do we have to sign a Purchase Agreement in addition to the Acknowledgment of Assignment of Judgment (AAOJ)?
A: The Purchase Agreement is especially important as it outlines the exact responsibilities and agreement of both parties. As much as we'd like to do business with a smile and a handshake, experience dictates that it would be in both of our interests to have a 'peace of mind' document in writing!

​Q: Why is proof of Service of Process important?

A: If the Defendant was not properly served by the Sheriff or a Registered Process Server not associated with the matter, they can file a Motion to Vacate (set aside) the Judgment. We want to make sure that the Defendant/Judgment Debtor won't be able to convince a Judge that he wasn't properly notified of the lawsuit against him

Q: Why can't you just tell me how to collect my Judgment myself?

A: If I told you that, I would be guilty of Unlicensed Practice of Law. I am not an Attorney, nor am I affiliated with any law firms. If you need legal advice, please see a competent, licensed Attorney. 

Q: What do I have to lose?

A: Only a few minutes of your time! There is no financial risk to you whatsoever. Pick up the phone and call me! I appreciate your business.

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